Friday, 2 March 2012

7 cool design posts

You can never have enough design articles. Here are a few cool breath taking design articles

ultimate roundup of photoshop tutorials from

ink splattering knight photoshop tutorial Ultimate Roundup of Photoshop Tutorials from 2010

urban illustration

urban illustration Urban illustration

artist week illustrator dennis schuster aka dxtr

Artist of the Week DXTR 1 Artist of the Week   Illustrator Dennis Schuster aka DXTR

artist of the week archan nair

Archan Nair 4 Artist of the Week   Archan Nair

out of the ordinary bike designs

bike design marina gatellli 15+ Out of the Ordinary Bike Designs

how to create a vintage party poster in photoshop

final party poster tutorial1 How to Create a Vintage Party Poster in Photoshop

peter jaworowski

110 Peter Jaworowski

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